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How To Use

We recommend starting a deer mineral site/lick in late winter/early spring to maximize the antler growing season and to prepare does for the birthing season.

Find a location that deer travel on a daily basis (major deer trail, food plot, water source).  Once you’ve located your site loosen the soil using a small shovel. We recommend that you dig a small hole in the ground about 24 inches in diameter and about 4-6 inches deep.  After digging this hole, pour 1 pound of Whitetail Heaven Trophy deer mineral over the area you’ve cleared, pour the Deer Dust Technology packet over the site and lightly rake the mineral into the loosened soil. After creating your mineral site monitor the deer activity using a trail camera and replenish monthly if not sooner depending upon the deer activity to the mineral site

When using Whitetail Heaven Trophy Mineral, observe all applicable state regulations which may restrict use during specified periods of the year.

This depends on a variety of factors. The key is to limit the amount of human activity and ALWAYS utilize the wind to your advantage.  As a general rule we recommend not placing your mineral lick within 30-50 yards from your a treestand or blind.

If you start your mineral supplementation using Whitetail Heaven Trophy Mineral in early spring than most people will see the results the first year. Please remember that Whitetail Heaven Trophy Mineral is another tool meant to be used as part of the deer hunter’s tool belt.

It varies but, based upon your observation of your deer herd you may want to consider one mineral site per 30 acres if you hunt in an area with less than ideal soil conditions.  

If you follow our advice on where to establish your Whitetail Heaven Trophy Mineral sites the answer is not long.  Whitetail Heaven Trophy Mineral uses our proprietary Deer Dust Technology; a secret aroma that will draw deer from far and wide. The deer herd will usually find it within a day or two.